Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime:  The rest of the non-Pisces influenced world will collectively be experiencing a full moon at the top of the week. But you’ll be experiencing a personal pit stop and renewal point when the moon goes into Pisces at the end of the week. This suggests that the bottom of the week will be an opportunity for you to marinate in your own sauce and find your way to quieter times that renew your spirit. It’s an excellent time to brush up on a skill or endeavor that you’ve let fall by the wayside.


#Heartstrings: Pleasure is still the name of the game this week, especially with the full moon happening along your pleasure-social faultline at your Zodiac Lounge table. You may be making some breakthroughs to how you can experience more of the good life rather than dwelling on (or worse, worrying about) the obstacles to enjoying life and experiencing satisfaction.  With Venus & Jupiter also going full steam ahead now in the home and better living sector, you perhaps could do a little redecoration or invest in making yourself more comfortable on the home front as well.

#MoneyMoves: As Mars trips into Libra, you might feel off-balance with finances, but I can’t say that you’ll be at a loss.  The off-balance might actually prompt you to investigate deeper into unfair practices that have been throwing you off and perhaps into debt. Mars also adds muscle to managing debt, so it could even mean a influx of cash from moonlighting or some help that comes either in the form of a loan, grant or even inheritance.  It also helps that Saturn has straightened up to fly right out of his retrograde; so there’s even more to testify that you might benefit from additional help, including expert advice or authority figure on financial matters as well.