Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

There may be some tightness and inner tension surrounding how you enjoy yourself. That’s odd considering a few weeks ago you were thriving in that area of your life.  I think at the heart of it is a worry you don’t feel supported and can trust that your needs will be met…or known. Yes, it comes down to faith. Even as you push to improve your life circumstance by learning new things or altering your health habits, you may have this gnawing fear that you can’t sustain the changes. Or they’ll matter. If you’re a person who suffers from low self-esteem, this may be a particularly challenging time. So take the time to restore yourself—perhaps by getting in or near some water or indulging in something, in moderation, that showers you with bliss or graces you with feeling special. You don’t have to splurge, but don’t pinch pennies too tightly either.

Samuel F. Reynolds is a NYC-based astrologer. His personal consultations have been described as “healing” and “brilliantly insightful.” He’s offering special, recorded 1-hour consultations for $95 for Ebony.com readers, in person or by phone/skype. For more info, visit return2thesource.com, write [email protected] or follow him on twitter at @sfreynolds.