Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Some of what’s been percolating beneath the surface might finally bob up this week, especially since it’s a full moon.  The Sun is the revealer and it’s shedding light in what’s happening in your “subconscious.” Or it could prompt you to be a little more spiritually or psychically sensitive.  You could receive clear messages from your dreams, tarot readings (if you do them) or just random flashes and images while you’re doing the dishes. You’ll know you’ve gotten something “real” from the depths of your mind when you feel it in your body and the image/idea seems crystal clear.


#Heartstrings: It seems the more that emerges from the depths of your psyche, some of your murkier relationships or friendships become clearer. You might have gone along with some of the murkiness because you either didn’t feel compelled to have to take any action or you didn’t know what to do. Now, it seems that your internal clarity made it easier for those issues to be resolved. It might help that Venus is about to finish her four-month cosmic couch-surfing in Gemini and you’re ready to clean house and tie up loose ends.  If you’re just getting a relationship off the ground, then you feel ready to put both feet into it.

#MoneyMoves: With a full moon and Mercury about to straighten himself out from his retrograde, you’re about to make good on some changes at or with your work that you’ve intended to make for over a month or so. However, you should put more focus on making those changes more at the top of the week before the full moon on Wednesday night than afterwards. Toward the weekend, it’d be better for you to step away from working much at all to relax and regroup.