Pisces [Feb 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime:  The week might start with you being either literally sleepier than usual or there’s a sleepy feel to your environment.  The moment between waking and sleepiness has its own charm and beauty; it captures the softness and sweetness beneath the apparent hardness of life.  (For some, it can also be the reverse.) Be open to the beauty of that, knowing that it’s good to walk gently on the planet. Be sure you don’t put yourself in the position to rush or crowd your day with a lot of busyness. You could end up missing angels, delivering blessings, who relish or cherish your quietness.


#Heartstrings: It seems this week is somewhat a mixed bag with connecting and disconnecting with folks, with more of the connecting toward the middle of the week.  Two fishes swimming in two different directions, much like yin and yang, classically symbolize Pisces. This highlights that you need time to be internal and other times to be “extroverted.”  Toward the beginning of the week, you’re likely to be ready to emerge out of your personal new moon and have an appetite to be excitable, even frisky.  It’s definitely time to do some things with someone new or to do new things with someone familiar.  Toward the end of the week is when you might feel like slowing down and being more reflective.

#MoneyMoves: Mercury’s retrograde in your work & routine sector this week means that there are some changes afoot and re-evaluations to make in this area. Some of this process will entail re-encountering ideas and “system” changes that you may have thought to implement a few months ago or implemented but shelved because they didn’t stick or work.  For instance, you might have started in earnest with using the voice memo function on your phone for capturing seeds of brilliance; but then you’d forget to write down your ideas later. Re-visit a practice like that (and those ideas).  You may come to prosper from those innovations more than you might suspect.