Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Venus’s move into Cancer this Tuesday paves the way for some creative and pleasurable energy to come your way. In fact, if you’ve had a hobby that you’ve been cultivating for a little while, you may find that both your affection for it and ability will increase. You may also find this time as a fertile time to explore your relationship to beauty, art and aesthetics in general.


#Heartstrings: One interesting stirring of the heavens to play on your heartstrings is the harmonic chord that Venus strikes with Neptune on Thursday. Almost every Pisces I know, whether they believe in astrology, God, spirituality or not, talks about feeling vibes.  I know a few Pisceans, in fact, who believe that they can sense the energy and vibe of a person or intention through a supposedly neutral text message. With this Venus-Neptune vibration, the beauty of it is that you are likely to resonate extremely well with someone who either makes you very comfortable or with someone who really gets you, perhaps even another Pisces.  It could feel like a transcendent experience. This could lead to a pleasant outing this weekend, then. The downside, though, is that if you aren’t vibing with someone, there’ll be no way to hide it and it may be more glaringly obvious, even physically uncomfortable, than usual.

#MoneyMoves:  Mercury in Leo moves forward on Wednesday. For you, I imagine it’ll be like changing a 30 watt bulb to a 75 watt one in dusty old dark closet.  It can likely bode for a time of discovery, repulsion and a restoration of a determination to make a worse place better and brighter.  You can apply this illuminating clarity to your work or to make modifications to your daily routines. It might also be a time to make changes to your workout or the ways you maintain your health and fitness.