Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: February may not seem the appropriate month to do Spring cleaning, but it could be. There’s a lot of pent-up energy around your home. You could spend that energy clearing things out, fighting with your peeps, or running away from it all.  Only one of these options seems to accomplish much though.


#Heartstrings: As a native Buffalonian, I can tell you that “cabin fever” is a real thing and it doesn’t always require snow or even bad weather. It only requires energy that doesn’t have a proper outlet.  Keyword is an outlet. If you can’t “plug” in with somebody, then you must get social, get busy, or go crazy. Don’t “go crazy.”

#MoneyMoves: When it comes to career, I have to say that you’re the loudest thing I hear. That means that there’s not necessarily a lot of big movements to expect at the job or the bank, either for good or bad. What’s more important is how you use your pent up energy to make space for bigger initiatives next month.

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