You are acres of wildnerness in clothed flesh, but the eclipses over the last year has been wreaking havoc in your emotional forest and encrouching on your wildlife. 2012 will definitely help stem all of that and help you get back to more of your loveable wild self.  But let’s get real here:  you’ll never be as wild as you once were, but you shouldn’t fear things getting too tame and lame either.  The first third of the year is likely to find you gaining some of the ground you may have lost with career goals.  The fortunate news is that Mars in Virgo, your career sign is going to make gaining that “lost” ground go much faster and efficient. Jupiter’s, your sign’s “go-to” planet, got your back now that he’s going full steam ahead in Taurus after months of being stalled.  The other big boost comes from Uranus in complementary Aries, another fire sign like you.  You’re all for fiery independence and promoting an agenda for greater liberty, especially your own.  It also helps that Venus is shimmying with your “go-to” planet so you can keep on having a good time and celebrate the end of 2011.  The “problem,” if we can call her that is Neptune.  Neptune, the planet of illusion, spirituality and service, wades into your family, home and domestic sign, Pisces in February.  This will likely cause some changes around the homestead with an unusual amount of focus on it from you. In fact, you may develop a strong interest in staying there. (Gasp!) This year might be challenging for that development alone because you’ve always thought of the road as your home.  That may still be mostly true, but now you’re called upon to tame your home as to discover more of the wildness within you.  An unusual adventure for you, but you rarely turn down a chance for adventure.


Although you’re ready to move forward now, especially with Mars moving forward like the most advanced fighter jet in your career sign, Virgo, oddly you seem focused on salvaging your plans for last year.  It’s not that the plans now or before are wrong headed, but perhaps you may be the last to know that you’re going in a new direction.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t wind up accomplishing your intentions from a little while ago as much as your vision is broadening. Fortunately, it’s not all about making moves and mullah right now.  Enjoy feeling a little like your old self after a lot of the challenges you faced in 2011.  You got some more “growth opportunities” ahead, but this wintry respite, manifesting as anything delightful as snuggling up with your SO or getting away on vacay, perhaps trying to snag a new SO, is just the thing to refuel your soul cells.


It’s going to take some time getting adjusted to having to deal with all this emotional energy surrounding the home front AND the demands of your career.  Now that Neptune has settled into Pisces, you may fear that home life will either make you (a. boring, b.) old, or c.) violent.  You also may not feel like being responsible to either career or home and would rather be cuddled up somewhere with somebody warm and fun or partying, even in the same somewhere, getting warmed up and funky.  It’s not always easy, Centaur, for you to be in the place you are, so let’s not make this impulse to gallop off as something unusual.  So what’s a wil’ guy/gal like yourself to do with this situation? Remember this little fact:  you don’t frequently have to chase the sun to get some heat and better weather.  Sometimes it’s heading your way.  It is, in this case.  Stay put and use that legendary optimism to weather this storm.


You’re feeling back on track in most areas of your life.  Feeling confident on the job and some of the plans you set in motion from the winter? Check! Feel like you got some of your love mojo working for you again and like you got a better grip on your social life?  Check!  Getting the right mix of mental stimulation from friends, colleagues, and reading materials? Yup!  Feeling financially grounded and like you have your house in order now, finally? Crickets.  Follow the crickets as they’re pretty loud now.  There’s likely a power struggle happening on the home front and it could be both financially and emotionally costly now. If you live alone with no obligations to anyone, this feeling could manifest as some unresolved feelings about your home or some things in it.  Are you holding on to items that have long lost their usefulness or mementos that are best not kept, like your ex’s clothes still hanging in your closet for the last few years?  Or is there some clutter that you could clear?  As you attend to things like that, you’ll be able to change the crickets to a check, if not one you can cash.


Most of the first few weeks of the season should feel good. Homies, associates and colleagues take focus now, but mostly for the comfort and fun they provide. There may be some drama just as fall is settling in, but it will be short-lived.  You must be mindful of that foot in mouth syndrome that Sagittarians suffer from frequently.  If you need a reminder, think of the off-the-cuff remarks that Sagittarian Herman Cain would make in ’11 (and likely still making).  Otherwise, you can relish your accomplishments and strides you’ve made so far in 2012.  However, the remainder of the fall may find you having the gnawing concern that your strides aren’t enough, that you’ve not gone deep enough or far enough for the sense of freedom you’re seeking.  The feeling may intensify in October. This may seem impossible for you to define and even harder to explain to those who listen.  I’d recommend that you go easy on yourself rather than giving in to the impulse that you have to throw yourself into (or out of) a project or relationship that you know (and you will know!) could lead to heartbreak.  Again, resist the impulse to race off. Roost just a lil bit longer and you’ll find the means to wrestle freedom back into your hands. And it’ll feel better than you imagined.

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