Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: I know it’s been a yo-yo of late between feeling extroverted at the top of the month and more introverted at the bottom, but it looks like it carries on this month too. This might be disconcerting because you appear to withdraw right at the start of your birthday season. But don’t get too bothered by it all. You can celebrate with a little more humph in December.

#Heartstrings: Romance and pleasure waft into your life this month with a lot of surprises and excitement. However, with Mercury going retrograde early on, be sure that when you “shoot from the hip” that you’re being an expert marksperson. Better safe than sloppy.

#MoneyMoves: You may feel impulsive with your money shortly after Thanksgiving Day. It’s not that your impulses are bad. You’d do better with being just a little more patient rather than petulant because you can’t have instant gratification. Most likely, we’re talking about the difference of waiting a day, for instance.

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