Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
You’re coming into your season saddled down with more than you’d like, but cer-tainly not more than you can bear. You may not feel wholly ready to gallop full throttle into the fun of your birthday, but let’s be clear:  you cannot go the whole 30 days of #Sag without being a little wild. Next week you’ll come more to your daring senses, just in time for the holidays. But you may find this week requiring you to at-tend to unfinished business around the home or with family, especially toward the bottom of the week. However, generally this year may be more colored by stoking your fires for adventure and daring than the last few years.  Of course, you’ve been to places far and near in that time, but now you’re ready to anchor yourself to look closer at the “port” where you are, whether literally or metaphorically.

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