Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

This is when ish is about to get real for you, and this new moon on Monday is the unofficial start of your new year. New moons in one’s sign is actually serious busi-ness because it symbolizes how people use the energy of the Sun and Moon in Sagit-tarius to set an intention that’s adventurous, open, expansive and will set new heights. For you, that’s a new year, especially if it’s near your birthday. The full moon around the 17th will be about something else that we’ll get to closer to that time. For now, though, start setting your heart and your mind on claiming new ground in your life. And don’t try to get slick and do only your mind and not your heart. That never works out for you. Your “flaming” heart is what propels your mind to higher heights.

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