Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)


#MeTime:  You might need to do a short getaway, if only to a park for a few minutes as even some tame form of wilderness can give you a moment of “Aaaaah…” You may feel too pent up from trying to keep up with your natural creative or exploratory impulses and the demands and details of work and home.  Carving out some time in nature usually helps you get perspective and inspiration, the thing that you’re probably hungriest for most.  Also, be careful not to offer to do more than you know your body is able to deliver.  A lack of rest is the body’s gateway to getting sick. That’s not the move during flu season.

#Heartstrings: The Axis of Grind at home and work might seem like a cross too big for a Centaur like you to bear this week.  Colleagues, co-workers, and co-inhabitants might seem particularly more clueless than usual, but there’s no point in focusing on that as much as concentrating on fixing the problem or issue.  The worst way is to blow off some steam by shooting off at the mouth in the belief that the truth is gonna set everybody free.  Right now, it would piss more people off than promote freedom.

#MoneyMoves:  Attitude does have a lot of impact on what happens with your money. You want to cultivate an attitude that focuses more on your abundance and gratitude more than on what you don’t have. Similarly, even with a little extra dough right now, you’d rather have more rest and freedom than bank. Think of yourself in repose or hibernation rather than stalled.  Author Ralph Ellison said, “Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.” The action, freedom, and greater abundance are coming, but we all have to go through the covert ops to get there.