Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime:  What was really wrong with the little boy who cried wolf? Or Chicken Little? #RealQuestions.  I asked that because you could be accused of ripping pages from their playbooks now.   You’re not normally prone to worry or false alarms. (You are into punking someone for a laugh, though.)  Here we have the fable stories of two folks buggin’ out for no reason. So what gives? My take on the boy and the fraidy chicken is that they were bored out of their little minds.  If you find yourself up to antics, even the ones you spring on yourself, chances are you’re focusing on dumb ish instead of crackin’ on something you find too tedious to deal with. Think about breaking it up into smaller chunks, but don’t shirk it.


#Heartstrings: German poet Goethe once said that a person is “happiest, be it king or peasant, who finds peace at home.”  It’s nice to have peace when you get there, and, of course, you’ve been one to usually seek your peace outside of the home. However, it’s awesome to create peace there.  Think of some activities that you can do with someone special in your life to have more peace, whether it’s painting, hanging a painting or coloring with a small one (or big one).  It’s as corny as it is true that peace is what you make it.

#MoneyMoves:  The mythological Pluto was the lord of the underworld, of what’s in the deep bowels of the Earth, like precious metals to mine. The planetary Pluto in your money sign, Capricorn, is all about you unearthing your truest desires and talents to get things poppin’. This week, Venus, the sexy copper-clad conductor of charm, will help you get in touch with those deep desires and polish them off to take you to market.  You’ll feel like rushing to do so now, but it’s best to make sure your desires and talents are all shiny first.