Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime:  Although this has been a relatively mild winter, you could have a case of cabin fever while simultaneously nesting.  Of course, these are polar realities, but you’re comfortable dealing with dualities, Centaur.  Although you may feel a need to go outside with purpose, I say you don’t stress out about direction.  You need some space to roam.   This might step up some tensions on the home front if you got people wondering when you’ll be around.  You may not be able to commit to both being out whenever and having no particular where to be, so choose one.


#Heartstrings: You might feel a little wound up, with a desperate need to find someplace or someone to unwind with. With the shadow of a Mercury retrograde on deck, you’re gonna need to communicate something to somebody though. Of course, this always brings up whether you got somebody checking for you or who has you on lock.  Of course this depends on who’s doin’ the checkin’, but mostly it’s about giving straight answers, including “I don’t know.”  You may test the patience of special people in your life if you get too much in the story of what you want to do without being upfront.

#MoneyMoves:  Be easy with money like Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter if you got a lot of it or none; but if you’re rough with it or rush (either in the earning or the “burning” of it), you’re gonna have problems. If you take it easy, however, you’ll be able to enjoy it and roll whatever punches that come up.  The likely bumps to your money train will probably come more at the end of the week at the top, but no worries. It may not be a gravy train, but I wouldn’t worry too much about detours or your train getting derailed.