Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
When Mercury retrogrades on Thursday, you may have to work a little more to keep up. A retrograde planet appears to go backward from the Earth’s perspective. In this case, Mercury could foul-up his regular job of looking after how we travel and communicate, prompting us to work more to get things back on track.  You, in particular, may have to do more at work and with your relationships to catch Mercury’s slack, unless you swiftly stop messes before they happen and know when to quit.  For example, read over your emails and texts before pressing send. Your normal penchant for over-explaining could help you here, leaving unnecessary guesswork out of the equation. Likewise, if you’ve done all you can to address a problem, then know you’ve done your best. That’s the time to shut up, go home or do both, unless you’re already home.

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