Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

#MeTime:  Modern life is dirty, despite all of the anti-bacterial sterility, hand sanitizers, hundreds of different kinds of disinfectants, all of the toxins in the air, etc.  So you may have what may seem an inexplicable draw toward de-toxifying yourself.  You won’t develop OCD or something, but you’re really looking to get some of the sanctity and cleanliness of the wild in your life. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but you know in your heart that the good stuff is often in what we call dirty.  And sometimes the clean stuff is loaded with stuff that’s just bad for you. So you may feel compelled to get back to basics with food, clothing, cleaning products in order to claim more of your wildness.


#Heartstrings: If you are among the shrinking number of souls who literally still have a black book, you know how satisfying it can feel to update your contacts in it. You might have a friend who’s had like four addresses crossed out under the “new” one. But each of these updates tells a story.  It’s time to remember the stories of your friends and relive those stories with them around a warm fire or warming drink.  You might also find an old school way to hold memories of dear ones in your life, like a physical photo album, black book, Rolodex, or portfolio of actual handwritten letters.  Digitizing certainly takes up less storage space, but the analog holds more stories.

#MoneyMoves:  Blowing money is no way to blow off steam. There’s definitely a way to save money to play.  You’ve been working hard, but blowing your hard earned cash may not be the way to celebrate. The problem many Sagittarians make is to imagine they can magically transform their naturally infectious optimism into life events whenever they want.  Some call this luck. Some others call this the sure and certain path to financial rack and ruin. The truth is probably somewhere between what others say and what you know.  Plan your play and stick to your plan.  The magic comes in the play and sticking to the plan puts rack and ruin on pause.