Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

Yeah, I know. You’ve probably had your fill of Mercury’s chatter, so his going direct this coming Sunday can’t come too soon for you.  Of course, you’re coming up on a point where you will have a lot to say. 98% of the time, you’re very informative and compelling.  (And the 2% ain’t that bad. Just hard to figure out where you’re going.) But there’s no sound vacuum that you have to rush to fill, Centaur.  In fact, this rush of Aries “energy” with Mars and Uranus will ramp up your creative frequencies. You would do better if you did more and spoke less about what you’re gonna do or have done. I feel for you because you want to socialize and build frothy conversation castles in the air.  That’s cool.  Just not yet.  You’ll have more than enough fire to burn soon enough.

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