Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

#MeTime: The Mercury-Uranus smash up at the top of this week may touch on something deep in your core, reminding you of your key purpose for being here. You may have put this purpose on pause as this year you’ve been exploring tighter spaces like your own home or your familial space rather than the spaces you normally like to roam and spirit yourself.  Your purpose is to bring the fire and fan the flames, just like Prometheus. Or like Obatala, you bring clarity to some of the soft clay that addles the brains of humanity.  Acknowledge your purpose and do whatever work you feel inspired to do to share this “fire.”


#Heartstrings: Of course, where there’s fire, there’s smoke…and running.  This may be a particularly hard time for partners and loved ones to “rein” you in. You may feel both compelled to talk and share more. Or when you feel like you’re not adequately heard, you may feel a desire to run off to find something or someone who hears and resonates with you.  You’re intellectually hungry and if you’re with a partner or potential who can’t satisfy that hunger, then this could disrupt your relationship flow.  The problem is when you confuse that hunger with everything, including satisfying all your lusts.  Learn to localize your desires, if you haven’t already. Attending a lecture to feed your intellect doesn’t have to become a party or a dating ground, unless that’s what you desire. But be clear on what you desire and you can spare yourself and any significant others unwanted surprises.

#MoneyMoves: If I had to give you another grand name like the names given to ancient Pharaohs or gods, like Lady or Lord of Peace and Life, I would call you “Grand Archer of Burning Thoughts.” You may find that two things are strong with you now: your thoughts are creatively on fire, or you have the ability to shoot far and sharply the fiery thoughts of others. You’re going to need space for your creativity and ideas now, so don’t pigeonhole your time. You may find that really hard to do.  If you’re scheduling an hour meeting to brainstorm, you might consider booking three. If you have to stick to an hour, then you might make some time to write up some follow up notes to share with participants.