Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: Do you ever wonder what the crash of tectonic plates sounds like? You’re probably too impatient to want to give a listen either, as it takes millions of years.  However, one net result we can see is the Himalayas. The same may go for your mind this week. We may have to wait to see what’s sounding off in your mind now. The upcoming full moon will surface thoughts and fears that you thought you had put behind you, especially about whether you can persist with the tedious demands of everyday life between adventures.  (You can, if you’re willing to embrace the tedium as an adventure.)


#Heartstrings: Although you got a lot going on beneath the surface, the conviviality between Mercury and Venus in the Zodiac Lounge lends itself to your wit and sense of fun with partners or potentials. It looks like the start of the week is when you’re actually most sensitive and perhaps snappish. As the week grows long, you might attempt to deflect your inner tensions by being chatty or finding the humor in things. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but do reserve some time alone so you don’t end up getting into discussions that’ll only annoy you or bore you to death when they’re not distracting enough from what’s churning inside.

#MoneyMoves: This full moon at the end of the week is likely to stir awake a part of you that will eventually seek to do more about the tedium that shackles you, especially as it relates to work. It doesn’t have to be some monstrously large change. It could be finding the pleasure in your routine, so it’s important to pay attention to the details over the next two weeks. For instance, if you’ve always gotten coffee from the corner store on your way to your job, do you still like that coffee? You’re not prone to zone out on details like that for long usually, but you’ve also had a rougher winter than usual too. You’ve been exploring more interior spaces. Now is the time to connect those interior spaces with branching out in the exterior world. The pathway to getting in a better place with your work and routines starts with your pleasure. Attend to that.