Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Mercury wends its way into Gemini to join Venus on Wednesday. This means that you’ll end up with THREE planets in the part of the heavens that speaks on relationships for you. Relationships could, in turn, speak very loudly in your life right now. If you’re single, then this is an excellent time to use your fire to draw all to your flames.  As long as somebody doesn’t try to snatch your fire with his or her bare hands, they’ll get warm rather than burnt. You’re laying the foundation for something/someone who’d be a suitable enough adventure for the season, if not longer. If you’re attached, then you’ll feel fortunate to have your sweetie and you’ll be able to do even more to sweeten the flavor between you.  Overall, this week between eclipses should be a pleasing one and smoothen the changes in routine and organization you’ve been going through. 

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