Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st] 

#MeTime: Your week prompts me to think about this quote from writer James Baldwin: “Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” Except I might make a slight alteration to the literary master’s original quote: perhaps home is also a place and an irrevocable condition, like dealing with the humdrum of ordinary life. Either way you spin it, make yourself “at home” in the grit and grind of small things, not petty stuff.  The petty things are those things that make you small like worry and batting back and forth with someone about something no one’s gonna care about an hour later. But small things are those little things that all add up at some point to be something glorious, like each brick in Notre Dame.


#Heartstrings: Keeping up with the demands of home and office might take a toll in your relationship sector this week. It’s mostly toward the top of the week when it may be hard to feel like you can fully trust being all cuddly and comfortable with someone. You may want to be on the go too much, as if slowing down would mean sucking the air out of the room—and your own lungs.  Toward the weekend, you’ll be able to better connect and kick your heels up to cool off, so put some effort into planning some real down time.

#MoneyMoves: Mars plugs into energy-rich Pluto at the top of the week, and that gets you hyped to materialize your efforts. So you definitely got the “Go” juice for your goals, but take some time to breathe and give others on board with you space to catch their breath.  Be mindful of boundary issues at the top of the week as you may be excitable and lose track of how others may not be willing to shell all levels of comfort or rest to get to a finish line. Go at marathoner’s pace and not the sprinter’s and others may be able to keep with you.