Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Things are about to shake up around your routines and daily work life, Sagittarius.  I know you really don’t mind, because it’s always being in the “moment” that’s most interesting to you. Well, it all depends on how you define the “moment.” On Thursday, the new moon doubles as an eclipse in Taurus.  This makes the “moment” a little heavier than usual and a lot more unstable, like a radioactive isotope.  So proceed with care, because when things shift around, nothing will be as it appears. If you attempt to be completely improvisational, then really be ready to take life as it comes. You’ll end up creating more work for yourself, though. Take the time to order things the way you like them. Or you’ll find yourself with a contradiction that’ll bring more confusion your way and leave the moment thin and unfulfilling. 

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