Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: The week starts off with the moon in your sign, so there’s some extra gust in your sails to get you moving toward shore. Last week’s full moon stirred some thoughts and fears that if you faced (and continue to face) are the gust that will keep you moving toward your goals and new directions you’re moving toward.  The big “Land ho!” moment comes toward the end of the week/beginning of next week when Jupiter, your patron planet, rides shotgun with the Sun to spend their good fortune to help you seal the details for your next adventure.


#Heartstrings: It might be hard to feel clear headed and committed about social activities at the top of the week, though you might feel really game for it. In fact, that might be the keyword to use: game.  You might feel like Fortune is smiling at you, but not everyone feels that way; so you might rub some people the wrong way with your almost innate view that life is a game and it’s okay to let the pieces fall where they may.  At the same time, you can’t pen yourself into making commitments and bookings that you can’t be sure about. So give tentative time frames and reserve more time to address situations that require more sensitivity and emotional care toward the end of the week.

#MoneyMoves: This week could be a rollercoaster. It could start off with feeling like you’re waking up from a nightmare and relieved it’s not real. Then wondering if some parts are.  The good news, of course, is that much of the nightmare is not real, but you have to ensure that it stays that way. So if you’ve been having problems with your boss or a client, for example, cultivate the disposition that you can fix the relationship first and then face those challenges head-on. However, don’t let the facts in detailing issues or problems get too far ahead of the fun. The more you take the situation too seriously, the more likely you are to take yourself too seriously. That’s when the nightmare can become real. So keep your sense of humor.