Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: Let’s check in as there may be a lot going on. In fact, as I was writing this, a Sag friend called me talking about how she’s at odds with her wild side and the part of herself that desires safety and security.  Of course.  This week, you’re going to have no less than three planets in your partnership sign and we still have Neptune in Pisces, retrograding, prompting you to deal with how you’re dealing with “home.”  How do you balance all this “wild” energy moving through you when you’ve been working on your more grounded self?  Release yourself from all external visions of being both grounded and wild, as if you’ve never heard of either.  One of the most radical wild guys was a friar named St. Francis of Assisi. Be your own kind of wild. Be your own kind of grounded.


#Heartstrings: Jupiter is about to go into your partnership sign, Gemini, for the next year. This promises big opportunities for growth and personal development, especially prompting you to take a closer look at who you are or can be in a relationship. It’s become commonplace to frame your sign as commitment-phobic, but it’s not true.  You’re pro-adventure and if you’re with a partner who can hold your relationship as a space for a joint adventure or who can hold space for you to have some on your own, then you’re incredibly loyal.  Crave and create that space. It’s there for you.

#MoneyMoves: Although you may feel tempted to rely on some tried and true methods for advancing forward with solidifying your resources, it’s time to get more creative and think deeper. And I’m not just talking about resources as money. I’m talking about anything that can be released as energy. So I encourage to research broadly and deeply about different options for how you’ll expend your energy in one of these “resource” areas—financially, physically, mentally, or materially (as with the things you already own.)  It may mean that you’ll have to look and think through a lot of different methods for some things. Go with the one that feels right from the gut.  It may also be time prepare yourself for getting rid of some things, in the next month, that have needed to go for awhile.