Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: At the top of this week, there’s a lot that happens: your last lunar eclipse for the next 8 years or so; Venus in Gemini, your “mirror sign,” comes closest to the Earth than she will for a number of years, and Mars and Venus do a crazy tango in the sky that gets a lot of people riled up.  But the big news, for you,  is that Neptune goes retrograde. You might remember that this is the “thing” that’s prompted you to explore more internal and domestic spaces than you have in the past.  This suggests an interesting “situation” for you as you will feel, again, charged and energized to be social, but also feel a call toward your own inner wildness. What’s a Centaur like you to do?!  Gather enough energy and soul-force from home to take a little bit with you. If you get out and about without tending to that energy from home, then you’ll soon feel depleted or get frustrated a lack of inspiration in your interactions.  Home is the “in” part of inspiration for you.


#Heartstrings: I raise a glass of something non-alcoholic to toast you for having the last eclipse involving your sign on this Monday for the next 8 years.  But this one has some extra kick to it! Eclipses are like jolts of espresso in your life’s coffee, so they tend to ramp up and accelerate whatever they touch, whether we want the shot or not. In your case, it happens at the side of your Zodiac Lounge table that deals with relationships.  If you’re single, you’re sowing seeds and prepping for a new relationship that could surface in the late summer or early fall. If you’re already attached, then this is a time where you’re getting ready for a new phase and dimension of your connection.  The question that may build in intensity for you would be, “Where are we going?”  Of course, this isn’t just about geography as much as the trajectory of your relationship.  You don’t have to figure it out all at once, but pay attention for the signs for where indeed you are going.

#MoneyMoves: Mythically, most centaurs were a wild, crazy bunch. In fact, you can think of the mythical centaurs as pretty much the classic version of “Hell’s Angels.” However, the reason why a Centaur has a top half that’s mostly human is because the Cosmos has delivered a very clear challenge to you: evolve and that happens by finding principles that nurture sustainable development beyond being nomadic or on the go.  That requires several things that you should put in clear practice this week: foresight, communication, patience and attentiveness to detail (but not too much).  Of course, this becomes a challenge as you’d rather be a Hell’s Angel for sure, but you’re always up for a gamey challenge, right?