Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

This week could be the kind of surreal adventurous week you both like and bother you.  Generally, you like events that lead to a story, especially where all the characters involved add to the humor and complexity of the tale.  However, you may not like those awkward moments where people neither make sense nor can you make light of it all with a joke or some wit. And that’s the part that’s really important.  Sometimes people don’t make sense; you can’t make them make sense; and you can’t totally disregard them because they don’t make sense.  Your default setting is to ignore or belittle their “part”, especially when telling the juicier parts of your tale. Or worse, question their intelligence because you can’t make sense of them. Not everything is about brains, Centaur.  Some people you have to acknowledge as they are, recognizing we’re all part of a bigger story and mystery.

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