Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: Some of your sociability eases off a bit this week, though you’re not quite ready to withdraw into your own personal fortress of solitude just yet. That’s a good thing as I don’t see that fully happening for a few weeks yet. But perhaps now is an excellent time to talk about why you might go within for a little bit.  As Jupiter, your patron planet, sojourns through Gemini, your opposite sign, the next 11 months or so is all about understanding the world through another’s eyes. This means really reaching out of your comfort zone to go into the places you don’t normally don’t go—closer to home. So there’s both a lot more intimate relating but internal processing of what’s the bigger picture, for you and the world.


#Heartstrings: If you were like MacGyver last week and took some initiative to detonate a potential bomb, then this week will be more about how to move forward and find ways to renew a relationship that’s seen better days. Um, if you more or less walked away from the ticking bomb, i.e. yourself, a friend, lover or family member who seems to be holding in feelings about an issue, then this week could bring more pyrotechnics than most of us saw for the 4th of July.  Be honest and recognize that these feelings didn’t surface all of a sudden. Focus on getting more to the heart of the explosion rather than trying to put out all of the subsequent fires.

#MoneyMoves: Last week we talked about you pulling it in some, especially on the financial front.  So this caps spending a bit, but it does free you up to think about how to make bigger and better investments. One big lesson for me in understanding financial independence was recognizing that most people don’t spend money on things that make them money.  For instance, spending $300 on a Blu-Ray player that has all the coolest features might seem fun, but that same $300 spent on a computer that you could use to write or make other things is an investment. This is especially true if you spend the next 300 hours writing a book rather than watching 150 movies. Concentrate on actions that speak investment, not only fun.