Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: With Jupiter and Venus now comfortably moving forward in Gemini, your opposite sign, you’re definitely feeling more extroverted than you might have felt for a long time.  Take it easy, though. You might feel at times that there’s more chatter around you than the shattering insights you either like to deliver or hear. If you feel yourself getting bored, then slip away and find time to revel in your own thoughts. Pushing yourself to stay in situations you don’t enjoy could lead to you becoming pushy in some form or fashion.


#Heartstrings: Mars charging into Libra brings a new burst of energy into your friendships and work relationships. The only problem is that you might find it difficult to find a connection point or a point where you can fully agree. Part of the problem is that you or the other party might try too hard to avoid stepping on the other person’s toes. It’ll help to be as direct as possible without having a lot of attachment to how things should go or could go. In other words, throw down and let the chips fall where they may.  If it’s a fit, then next steps will become clear as you move along. If it isn’t a fit, don’t get uptight about it. Circle back as time permits or the inclination arises.

#MoneyMoves: A full Moon at the financial corner of your table at the Zodiac Lounge signals an emphasis on getting that part of your life together this week. You’ll have to stand up for yourself when it comes to your money and that could be an issue that comes with something as big as a change in your salary or a closer look at the fees that your bank lobs your way on the DL. You can’t be passive about this or just use hope and good luck as strategies for change now. Change won’t happen unless you kick it off.