Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: Overall, with all this fiery Leo energy now, you’ll feel more in your element. But every now and again a little dose of melancholy will seep into the mix and dull your mood.  That’s the part that your celestial publicist doesn’t let get out.  You mostly handle that with the fantastic sense of humor and mirth that you have. But this time perhaps you should take a lesson from the Water people—Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer—and just feel the melancholy.  There’s nothing you have to do with it or banish it. You just have to feel through it.  This is probably truer at the end of the week than the beginning, so plan on having some down time and even some time alone.  It might not even be a bad idea to be near a body of water or to let your body soak in a bath or spa.


#Heartstrings: Although Papa Jupiter is staying in your polarity sign, Gemini, Venus, after four long months, is fixin’ to move on.  Before she yammers on into Cancer next week, it’s time to “extract” the blessing she’s been attempting to deliver all these months: you may love the motion, Sagittarius, but you have to love the emotion just as much.  Your fire likes to burn fast and wide and you might fear that some attachments will prevent you from doing that.  That can be true. But some attachments could be the fuel that keeps you burning even brighter.  There’s no one size that fits all and sometimes you have to stand still long enough to know what kind of “fuel” is in front of you.

#MoneyMoves: Toward the top of the week, you might feel the need to lose your patience and blow the financial cool you’ve been maintaining over the last week. I would encourage you to acknowledge that impulse, but you don’t have to give into it.  It’s like being an “early adopter.” There are people who love being the first to get a new gadget. And it is cool to have that attention and feel on the cutting edge. But the downside is that the prototype is almost never as cool as subsequent knock-offs or even later models.  This week, don’t be the early adopter and don’t get suckered by the shiny (whatever it is.) The prestige is not always worth the purchase.