Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: This week might feel like a bit of a limbo week, where either you feel up in the air or things that were in motion seem to come to a crawl.  It’s easy enough to blame both Uranus, the planet that helps us appreciate the genius of the moment, and Mercury, planet of communication, going retrograde as the culprit. But more than that is happening for you.  You’re moving into a kind of twilight zone area where you have to balance your sociability with the impulse to retire and climb your inner mountain for the wisdom you’re thirsty for.  No need for a big climb up the mountain yet, but stay close to the foot of the mountain to study what you have to climb.


#Heartstrings: Next week, Uranus and Mars have a face-off and that usually suggests that someone’s about to blow a fuse or is desperate for a change or shake-up.  You can head that off a bit now if you act now. Since it’s Mars & Uranus, who both like directness, my recommendation would be to tackle an issue head-on, but you can’t be abrupt about it. It would be easier if people wore “anger” meters, so you could gauge how they’re really feeling. But we don’t.  So stay alert for when somebody’s sitting on a powder keg. Then ease into a discussion about it.

#MoneyMoves: You’re moving toward a slowdown. This doesn’t mean that you’re heading for a financial crash, but you’re better off spending more money at the top of the week than at the end.  It’s odd to have a figurative “cold snap” in July, but that’s exactly what you may be contending with at the moment. I suspect it’s because you sense that you’re pulling back soon and you want to be more conservative.  That’s not a bad strategy. Just be sure that caution does not become woefully unnecessary panic.