Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

One of the cultural archetypes or model-types for your sign is the gambler.  This is not a wholesale endorsement of you as a gambler or to gamble, at all. Per your own individual chart, you could suck at it. #JustSayin. But there is something to learn from a planetary spread between Jupiter and Uranus on Wednesday that could prompt you to feel luckier than usual. But it all depends on how you play your hand. And that’s the difference between a gambler and someone who sucks at gambling. A gambler knows how to play the odds to work toward her favor. She’s studied enough about what appears as chance to reduce being at the whims of chance.  So know the odds for what you’re doing. You don’t need Las Vegas bookies. Just pay a little more attention to the facts without running off half-cocked.

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