Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

You might be a little sluggish getting to plate to bat this week, but bat is what you must do—and you will better toward the middle of the week. But last week I talked about knowing the odds and avoiding going into a situation half-cocked. That’s even truer at the start of this week. We’re in Virgo season now, with both the Sun & Mercury in that sign. What’s important to Virgo is data, because data allows you to analyze how the little pieces fit together. I know you’d rather trust your intuition to see how all the little bits come together to tell the story you want to tell. It mostly works for you, until it doesn’t. This is likely one of those weeks when your method won’t work. So read the fine print, look at the memos on your desk when you start your week, and take a second look at those directions.