Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

With a new moon in Leo, there’s a lot more understanding and wisdom heading your way. (Yes, even more than usual) As a sign patronized by the generous planet Jupiter, I think your natural impulse is to share these gifts with others. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with that impulse, except when you haven’t started with charity at home. You’ve just arrived at either a different level of your life or a work-around with a life situation. Honestly, you’d do better to use your advice as a manual for transformation for yourself first before you pass it on to others.  I’m not even coming with a hypocritical charge. It’s that you need to test what you think is true, observing the details rather than extrapolating or hypothesizing something to be true. Be patient as you sort things out. Sometimes your rush to share is a way to distract yourself from the trusted requirements of patience.

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