Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: When Venus lands up in Cancer on Tuesday, she enters a strange section of the Zodiac Lounge for you. Officially, she’s in one of your financial hubs, and I’ll talk a little more about that when I talk about your money. But this area also ramps up your sex appeal. The “how” is the most interesting part.  In this area of the sky, for you, Venus taps up into the issues that churn about in your soul, much like the way much of popular culture gets excited about the tortured artist who yearns to free herself from her shackles in ways that are both brilliant and disturbing at the same time.  For you, I think this revolves around the feelings that you have about home & hearth that you keep deep inside as you wander and wonder through the world.  Luckily, Venus only spends a month and some change there, so this first week is to brace yourself for these stirring feelings.


#Heartstrings: It’s going to take a bit of adjustment to fully accept that the flighty and breezy nature of Gemini that you’ve been able to enjoy for the last month or so is over.  Now, it may be easier for things to stick to you rather than bounce off.  So the clean-up after a Mercury retrograde might be particularly stickier than usual, mostly because you might be a little more sensitive than usual. So don’t attempt to hurriedly rush through talking about your feelings, especially toward the top of the week. Again, it’s better to sit with your feelings rather than think that you have to move on…somewhere or anywhere but where you have to be with someone.

#MoneyMoves: You are not necessarily cautious about a lot of things by nature. However, as I’ve already said, Venus in Cancer may signal you becoming a little more careful and meticulous about money. Cancer is a preserver sign and your sign is a sharer sign.  That sounds like an inherent conflict and you’re bound to feel it. Perhaps one of the ways to address this conflict this week is to see how what things you have could be preserved by someone else once you share or sell them.  This satisfies both impulses. It also will bring to your attention what things are important for you to preserve and need a little more caretaking attention, especially around the office or home where you spend a lot of time.