Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

One of the more ageist aspects of our society is how we talk about inventiveness and genius.  If you’re brilliant when you’re young, then you’re a prodigy or an enfant terrible. (And no matter how formidable enfant terrible is meant to sound, it still sounds like you’re calling possibly a grown-ass person a terrible baby.) However, if you’re not quite young or young enough, then your inventiveness is the net result of your education and work.  The truth is that if you’re a Sag, genius isn’t so much about being brilliant at a particular age or how much work you do, as much cultivating a life and a way of thinking that inspires brilliance—in oneself and others.  That’s what you really can do this week, whether we’re talking about you at the office or with your significant other.

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