Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Although your sign is always said to be more about the big picture, I wonder at times like this week if that’s wholly true.  I think you are “big picture” in a particular and maybe even peculiar kind of way. This new moon in Virgo on Thursday suggests that you have your heart on making a significant mark in your career now. For you, Virgo is not only about detail and data, fastidiousness things you’d rather like to avoid most times. There’s another layer to the Mercury-patronized sign for you. It’s about keeping one’s own almost virginal honor and the purity of one’s thoughts once they’ve been reasoned out. For you, the “big picture” is the net result of a “truth” that’s not only self-evident but worthy enough to be shared because, essentially, you’ve given it a lot of thought. Be sure that’s what you push to manifest more this week rather than what you wing off the cuff.  

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