Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime:  You’re entering a creative month-long period to beautify your life, whether you’re an artist or not. The challenge may come more on the intimate and domestic front as you strive to align how you think life should work with the people who are actually in your life.


#Heartstrings: With Saturn going retrograde toward the middle of the month, you have to be careful of mirroring too much of Saturn’s tight and rigid ways.  You might be internally at your most fanciful; but, to others, you could come off standoffish and inflexible.  Share the creativity bubbling inside with those on the outside too.

#MoneyMoves: Jupiter, the planetary patron of the part of your life that deals with finances, moved forward at the end of last month, after being retrograde since October. Don’t get too carried away by this or some of the good fortune that perks up at the top of the month. Have a plan for doing better with any gains you make now that will even do better in June.

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