Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: A friend recently marveled at how when concrete was removed around a fully developed tree, the tree’s roots had taken the exact shape of the concrete. Trees are sturdy yet amazingly flexible. You would do well to learn that kind flexibility from concrete bound trees as Mars, your patron planet, and Saturn (in your sign) lock horns in the night sky.

#Heartstrings: Although a lot’s written about the passion, secrecy and power-plays of Scorpios, what this month is likely to reveal is the vulnerability of a secret dreamer and idealist. You may need more of this side of you this month than you’d care to admit or allow to surface. But it’s not just you who needs it. Someone may need to know if there’s more behind your secrets and passion besides self-preservation and fear.

#MoneyMoves: You may continue with your money challenges this month, though you’re inclined to be more on the optimistic side. Nothing wrong with that, especially once the Mars-Saturn smack down is over after the 2nd week of this month.

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