Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

Although Valentine’s Day would normally seem the perfect time to release the storied passion associated with your sign, you may feel more hesitant and reserved. During a Mercury retrograde, Mercury appears to double back over the heavenly ground it’s covered over the last two weeks. You, in turn, may feel as if you have to double-check your words or how you’re describing your feelings. Yet, almost as a touch of cosmic irony, you may find that you have more and more opportunities to communicate or to demonstrate your prowess in your field. This is not a test of your sanity, but your faith. (And a test of that kind can seem like the same thing in our darker moments.) Fortunately, this Friday’s full moon does light a way toward passing this test.  That full moon in Leo propels you to own your courage and perseverance, despite not getting things right on the first try.

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