Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
I know I spoke foully to you last week. I said words that you hate to hear: you don’t know something. Even if those words didn’t offend you, they may have bothered you. It’s not like you have to seem like you know everything like your Centaur zo-diac neighbor. (*Complete and utter shade*) You only have to know as much as nec-essary, for real. Welp, you still don’t, and the cosmos, especially with a Mercury ret-rograde in tow, ain’t gonna make it any easier for you to know more, per se. I could say something messed up like, “Enjoy the mystery.” But I know you…and the truth. If you don’t know things for certain, then you have no choice but to give your all as if you did, with as much optimism as you can. The alternative—to prepare for the worst—sucks. It will only depress you.

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