Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
Last week, I talked about your penchant to focus on having the past “pay up” when it doesn’t usually have that ability. This week I want you to pay attention. There are issues and themes that come up this week that you may find yourself facing on deeper level at least a month from now.  You’re preparing for a re-birth. (Doesn’t it seem you always are?!) And what’s exciting about this re-birth is that you’re running on more than just optimism of a fresh beginning; you have a deeper appreciation of your past and your own inner horrors. You can project a lot about the world, dear Scorpion, but you’re getting sharper on when you’re doing that.  So, the groundswell of positivity you’re receiving is a cosmic acknowledgement for work well done in clearing psychic space for your growth.

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