Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

Fortunately, you appear to be in a much mellower space than you were last week. Except in one important way. Your passions are rather stoked now and may surface in pronounced ways via communication or in your work. In every Scorpio, I’m sure there’s what we could call a teeny tiny room in their minds that they love to bits where they try to cram themselves.  If that sounds a wee bit cray-cray, then you might perceive a bit how the “outside” world perceives you when you get like this. It might crop up as late night binges on all videos or movies related to Lone Ranger because you heard the original Lone Ranger was a Black guy. (True story) It just happens that way for you and it makes you feel safe and snug. It also makes you feel productive. Just don’t lose too much of yourself in those feelings. Other people may want of piece of you during your birthday season too. 

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