Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

The word that comes to mind for you this week is “snap.” There are different ways to snap, so this week doesn’t have to be a bad week. But you’re gonna have to snap in some way. One way is to snap yourself out of a rut that you haven’t realized is no longer a groove or groovy. Usually this works best with a plan and when you use some of that storied Scorpio determination to do something regardless of whether you feel like it. If only to prove that you can do it or because someone says you can’t. If you need this, “You can’t do it.” (Now, I have greater insurance that you will.) The way you don’t want to snap is to let stuff build up in you and experience a surprise (not too bad) or an accident (that sucks). Take charge by taking an important action.  Don’t wait.

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