Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)


#MeTime:  Jupiter is travelling through your relationship/public life sector right now, so it’s time to get new and get out there.  If you’re on the shy side, take now as an invite to invest a lil in your appearance. Or as an opportunity to spruce up something that represents you, whether it’s your facebook page, dating profile or resume.  This can be the beginning of a fairly fortunate time for you if you’re willing to make some practical steps to cultivate positivity and openness.  I emphasize the practical part because you could also be feelin’ yourself a lil too much and put the cart before the horse.

#Heartstrings:  It might seem as if spring has come early with how your libido is on overdrive. (Perhaps you’ve got a jump on a groundhog and you know spring is coming fast, sly Scorpio.)  If you’re in a relationship, then enjoy the fireworks if you’re willing to be playfully seductive.  If you’re single, trust that your sex appeal has shot up, perhaps even out of the blue.  Now is not the time to mute it or completely bury yourself in work. Save a little time to stir things up.

#MoneyMoves:  As the week progresses, you should see a little more bang for your buck in cash, checks, savings or a return on investment.  This boost is a cosmic symbolic gesture from Big Poppa Jupiter to encourage you to stay present with manifesting your desires, not obsessing about them. One of the bottom line secrets to manifesting for you, Scorpio, is to release your intentions after you’ve done the work of giving them shape. But if you get all tight about clutching your intentions, then you’re not present in the moment; instead you’re pressuring things to happen.  Let that go and let in the good.