Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Nothing seems to delight a Scorpio more than feeling like they’re getting to or at the bottom of something (or someone).  Investigators by nature, you might find the best way to relax is to research or get engrossed in something that’s either really interesting or strange.  As long as you’re not stalking nobody or rifling through someone’s garbage, you’re good.  Of course, be careful of the rabbit holes you go down, because no one knows if you’ll be as happy about what you’ll find or the time you might consume digging. So check in with how you’re feelin’ as you probe and keep a timer nearby.


#Heartstrings:  Pluto is the planetary patron most associated with your planet, though I prefer Mars.  But both are saying a similar thing, fortunately.  Pluto, like you, likes to bring lost or buried things back (when he behaves) and he’s having a tussling match with Venus in the night sky now. What that means for you now is that some old, buried feelings about a current partner (or an old one) could come up.  Or an old partner or friend could step to you with new feelings.  Mars now in his third week of retrograde is also talking about putting life on rewind.  You play along, speak up or make your own inner peace with what’s happened with folks.   But holding your peace will only cause more problems.

#MoneyMoves:  Honor your aspiration toward financial greatness, because you can be an excellent manager of resources and money.  Here’s the thing though: you can be financially great with only $3.00 in your banking account.  Of course, that’s not a lot of money, and I do hope you’ve got more than that in the bank; but the key to financial greatness ain’t all about what you got. It’s about what you do with what you got.  It’s also in how dream about things, not wishing.  Dream has “am,” as in “I am,” in it, so you put your whole self into making things happen.  Wish mostly has “ish” in it.  (Ahem.)