Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Your creative powers are strong now with four planets in Pisces, your creativity sign. Of course, we have been conditioned to think of creativity as works of “art” or some kind of product. That’s a limited notion of creativity though.  Creativity = mojo or swag. And everybody’s got swag; some just have wack swag. Now is the time, even if your mojo is perfect, that you work on the swing of your swag.  The best way to do that is to reach for the place where you feel most alive, whether it’s a dance floor, the ocean, your baby’s room, or in deep meditation. Your zen spot is your swag reboot center.


#Heartstrings:  The new moon in your swag sweet spot, Pisces, is bound to heighten your powers of attraction, so work it!  It’s gonna take a lil more of an adjustment than usual because you have Neptune up in the mix.  There’s more spiritual force to your connections now, or at least a search for a deeper, more meaningful kind of connection. So if you’re not feelin’ for a kind of someone who would normally have you sprung, that’s to be expected.  This might also affect current relationships, as you may need more inspiration than what you got. You’re either gonna have to be it, get with it or get going.

#MoneyMoves:  Between the new moon in your swag sweet spot and Big Daddy Grace aka Jupiter dancing with you right now to lift your spirits, you’re fast moving in the position to take some necessary steps to clean house. I do mean literally, in many respects.  You’re making room, Scorpio.  It doesn’t mean that someone is moving in, per se, as much as you’re getting ready receive more blessings from the storehouse of heaven by creating an empty space to receive them. Give away what you can, get rid of what you must, all the while letting go of grudges and gripes that have taken up too much energy for too long.