Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

#MeTime: This week gives you a chance to catch up with yourself, though you’re fully on the go even when you’re standing still.  You can take advantage of the slow down by embracing a little more rest and that doesn’t necessarily mean sleep.  It means pausing, taking a moment to take things in before attempting to figure out how to change it or reconfigure it. Sometimes the best way to have perfection isn’t to strive for it, but letting things be as they are.


#Heartstrings:  Neptune glides into your sweet and sexy sign, Pisces, and your ability to create a “quiet storm” is going to go up several notches.  But don’t get too far ahead of yourself.  Before love can become a home, you got to have a house and those don’t get built on one date or one encounter.  If you’re feelin’ someone new, give yourself some time to figure who’s zooming who. You might be turning a shanty in a castle and that’s not a good look.  If you’re booed up already, this week you might be extra sensitive about the lovin’ you’re givin’. Feedback can help you get back to the good stuff when you’ve strayed away.

#MoneyMoves:  If money is tight now, I’m gonna give you a new place to look and check out for more—your heart.  I know it sounds wack because how does your heart make you money? Well, if you’re tight on forgiveness or your heart isn’t in something, then the cosmos won’t feel you back.  It’s really that simple.  With Saturn retrograde now, expect some delays and pullbacks, but staying in your heart, without the temptation toward petty revenge or sabotage is what’s gonna save the day. That doesn’t mean you have to become a sucka .  I’m saying it’s okay to be hurt, find room for forgiveness and then stay on point.  You won’t come up short.