Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: One of Whitney’s underrated songs is “One Moment in Time.”  Although the song has mostly come to be associated with the 1988 Olympics, the song is really about concentrating your energy and preparation in one glorious moment at any time. Well, Scorpio, this is one of those times for you. Four planets, including your sign’s patron planets, Mars and Pluto, have teamed up with Venus and Jupiter to sing a powerful aria of encouragement and inspiration for you to go all out for the gold and goal you have in mind.  


#Heartstrings: You might either feel too laid back or pushy this week with nobody knowing which you’re going to be from moment to moment, including you.  Fortunately, as the week blossoms, you’ll have a better handle on which you’re going to be. But in the interim, I’d advise that you vibe the person out first before you hang back or go full out.  Ultimately, enthusiasm is gonna win out, so if your boo or other loved ones are pretty low-key, you either gonna need to amp them up or find some other folks already hyped for fun and good times.

#MoneyMoves: A key theme in a lot of action flicks is getting the hero to stop doubting him or herself and abilities and just get on with it.  Unfortunately, the lights don’t come on and the pistons don’t go into high gear until the “battle scene,” like this famous one. (Okay, there wouldn’t be much of a movie or reason to care if the movie opened with the battle scene, but that’s just detail, yo.) Let’s hope you don’t need a battle scene, Scorpio, and can just get ova the doubt.  You’ve got the glow now. You particularly can excel in areas that require networking, collaborations, teleconferencing, social networks, meet ups, or mixers.