Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Scorpios enjoy power. Now that sends some into a defensive posture because power seems to imply that y’all like dominating people or something. That’s not real power. Power is mostly about being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Of course, now is the time to clarify and purify is why you want “to do what you want…” We don’t often think why we want the things we want, or do the things we want to do.  If you’re more rooted in your fear now than your joy or love, then this full moon brings full out conflicts.  Hook into your love.


#Heartstrings: Although the coming Venus-Jupiter hook up promises that you’ll have more interest in having fun than getting in the thick of other people’s problems, you could end up doing just that toward the end of the week.  This might be a hard thing, but your ability to stand and deliver as a supporter for someone is phenomenal this week.  If you don’t have an opportunity to be on the frontline for someone else, you might waste your time making demands for things that you’re not as passionate about.  A loved one may need your power and no one brings the power home like you, Scorpio.

#MoneyMoves:  Although you’re psychologically looking at your motives, I see you also making breakthroughs with the habits that steer you away from success.  With Mercury, repping your mind, and Uranus, the genius activator, all huddled up together in the Zodiac Lounge, you can expect that you have the insight and clarity to identify the habits that are holding you back. With a full moon waiting in the wings for Thursday, now is the perfect time to analyze and set in motion a plan to get on a new groove.