Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Aries is your grind season because it’s the only other Mars check point*, so it’s a good way to see how your daily goals are matching up with your larger goals for the year.   If it ain’t working out, then this is a good time to change things up.  Most often, especially with Mars in practical, work-centered Virgo, flipping things around is going to be an issue of method or practice, rather than a new activity. So if your workout is saggin’, then I would think about incorporating another layer to it or fine-tuning your technique.

*Aries is the other sign “ruled” by Mars. But you’re doper. Keep this secret, like you normally do.


#Heartstrings: There are two big astro events that I want you to keep both of your ever observant eyes on. First, Venus slips into a light, airy Gemini nightgown this week and that’s going to amp up your libido. So you intuitively will know how to bring just a lil heat and fun into even the frostiest of platonic relationships or associateships.  The other big event is Mars scoping out turf in Neptune’s territory, and on Earth that looks like you looking for more meaning into things with folks than what’s there.  So if you find yourself analyzing something someone has said over and over…then over, chances are you’re on a fool’s errand. Save yourself sometime this week and table it.

#MoneyMoves: Scorpio teaches the lesson of the economy of energy: how to get the most with less, with as little waste as possible. This is when you become more keenly aware of those people and situations who are just taking up too much energy from the work you’d rather be doing. In my experience, the usual Scorpionic way of handling this dilemma seems to somehow press a button and some trap door opens up to drop the unsuspecting fool standing over it. (Or so to speak.)  Okay, I’m probably on the dramatic side of that idea, but that method ain’t your future. Your newer way of handling a “change of the guard” is less dramatic and more effective. Let people know what you’re feeling without attempting to manipulate them toward the trap door. If you’re dealing with grown folks, they can find their way to the door or your better graces, if that’s where they want to be.