Scorpio [October22nd to November 21st] 

As a child of Mars, you’re a little more sensitive to his transitions and big moments. Of course, another one of his signs is Aries.  Wednesday and Thursday mark days when you can get a lot done. Mars becomes literally a bosom buddy of the Sun that day so there’s a lot more pep in your step.  Um, as long as you have a positive and active outlet for it.  If you’re mostly sedentary, you might have problems and feel a pent-up frustration for little or no reason.  Then toward the end of the week, Mars shifts into Taurus, a sign where he’s not too happy.  It doesn’t mean you won’t be happy, but it does signal that you feel at a standstill. You can avoid the paralysis by planning ahead and giving yourself some checkpoints for accomplishing things that need to get done.  That will alleviate a lot of stress during this time and that’s the one thing you want to minimize the most. 

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